Identifying hotspots of future animal climate control needs in the U.S.

The P4 fellow who works on this project will analyze climate model outputs in conjunction with spatial data outlining the distribution of U.S. animal agriculture across the landscape. The fellow will utilize data on animal comfort temperatures for each species to estimate regions in the U.S. where climate control might be a challenge for each animal species under future climate scenarios. This analysis will inform location-specific and forward-thinking designs of controlled environments for animal production, and guide sustainable expansion of animal agriculture. This project addresses the Grand Challenges Facing Animal Production of (1) ensuring that animal scientists develop and disseminate strategies for mitigation and adaptation to increasing climate variability, (2) optimizing the health and productivity of animals in a manner that protects and enhances human health, and (3) producing animal proteins in an economically, environmentally and socially acceptable manner that meets the demands of an increasing population.